Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peter Lehmann Semillion Barossa Valley 2006

The Barossa Valley is located in southern Australia is probably the most well known wine region in Australia. The first known winery in Australia was located in the Barossa Valley. During the 1840's many German Lutherans suffered religious persecution and escaped to the newly founded colony of South Australia. The big-hearty Shiraz wines are what this region is known for. However, the Semillion is gaining ground and is probably the most recognized white wine in the region. The 2006 Peter Lehmann Semillion is a straw yellow wine with citrus aromas of lemon, lime and grapefruit. There is some grassiness to the nose as well. The citrus aromas follow through on the palate along with some green apples. This is a relatively dry wine that is also low in acidity. A very nice wine for appetizers or for sipping. We served it with a goat cheese salad with a European herb vinaigrette and it paired well. Retails for about $12.

The label is very interesting. It was drawn by Anelia Pavlova, who has also drawn pictures for other wine labels. Her original drawing of the Queen of Clubs, which is shown here, was banned in the US by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire Arms because the Queen's nipples were showing. They required her chest to be covered prior to approving the label and selling the wine in the US. I purchased my bottle in Europe and they are still uncovered. It is ok to show people being blown away on TV and in computer games but a little nudity is no-no. Maybe it is time to for the US to re-evaluate its thinking.

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