Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tomaiolo Pinot Grigio 2010

Tonight my wife made mussels with a saffron aioli sauce.  An Italian Pinot Grigio by Tomaiolo was chosen for this dish.  Unfortunately, for my taste, this did not work.  Along with some fruity aromas, it also had a hint of rubbing alcohol.  Additionally, the acidity was overbearing and the taste was more of a gasoline (I would guess) taste and a bitter back end.  Italians are known for picking the Pinot Grigio grapes a little early so the acidity remains high.  The alcohol was only 12% but it smelled and tasted a lot higher.  The producer claims it has an apple blossom scent and flavor but I completely missed those.  This would be a definite pass next time.  For $9, what do you expect.

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