Friday, February 26, 2010

Wines of Vienna

The other day, I stopped by the Wines of Vienna tasting in NYC sponsored by David Bowler Wine.  I have enjoyed alot of Austrian wines, both here in the States and abroad, but I have only had a couple Viennese wines while visiting there 6 years ago.  Upon speaking with one of the Importers, he told me many of the wines from this region do not make it outside of Vienna.  There seems to be a rivalry going on between the regions.  That is too bad because I had some really nice wines at this tasting, of which all are now imported to the States.  One wine that I was not familiar with was the Gemischter Satz.  This is a blend of Gruner Veltliner and up to 40 other white varieties such as the Riesling, Welschriesking, Rotgipfler, Sauvigon Blanc just to name a few.   There were too many wines to describe so here is a list of wineries who were pouring that day: Wingut Martinshof, Edlmoser,  Goebel, Offner, Weingut Christ, Weingut Cobenzl, , Hajszan, Weingut Mayer am Pfarrplatz, Roes Haus which is a nich winery by Mayer am Pfarrplatz, Jutta Ambrositsch,  and Zahel.  Although all of these wines are from a very small region, they each had their own unique qualities.  Surprisingly, the Weingut Cobenzl is actually owned by the City of Vienna.  They took over this 80 hectare of vines to prevent urban development.  If you can find any wines from the three small  vineyard sites (Nussberg, Bisamberg or Mauer) surrounding Vienna, give them a try.  For my taste, the Zahel wines were my favorite.

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