Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Velt 1 Gruner Veltliner 2007

This GV from Schloss Halbturn Koenigsegg is an Austrian wine that I found in a tiny local market in VT last weekend. It has that yellowish green tint that most of the GVs have. However, it had an unusual nose. Initially, there was some apple and light citrus, but this was followed up with green vegetables like peas or beans and a hint of green tea. The palate wasn't that much different. The citrus was quickly replaced with a grassiness and minerality with a touch of honey. It had a light to medium body but very minimal acidity and a strange after taste. Overall, this is not a wine that I would run out and buy again. It retails for just under $10. Robert Parker gave it an 86 point rating and we would probably agree that this is the high end of the scale for this wine. We served it with multiple cheeses and crackers.


  1. Jason-

    I haven't seen this one -- any idea who imports it? Doesn't necessarily sound like a prize, but could be interesting to try!

  2. It was imported by Winesellers LTD out of Skokie, IL.

    We finally had the dessert wine the other night. Stay tuned for that posting (hopefully soon).