Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ruffino Il Ducale Toscana 2006

I have had my share of Ruffio Chianti wines over the years, but have never had this blend. Ruffino winery in Tuscany has been producing wines for over 130 years.  The Il Ducale is a wonderful blend of 60% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot and 20% Syrah.  This burgundy colored medium-bodied wine has a nice bouquet of fresh blackberries, black currants, plums and plenty of earthiness that I look for in Italian wines.  Every sip you take, you get a nose that only Italian wines can give.  If you love Italian wines like we do, you know the aroma.  The blackberry and currant flavors carry over onto the palate along with lots of raisins, cherries, and some notes of pepper and chococolate with a little toasted oak on the back.  The flavors stay with this wine for a nice finish and has relatively soft tannins.  The Syrah certainly brings some nice spiciness to it.  We served this with a skirt steak grilled over a wood fire.  As you know, skirt steak is a thin cut of beef and is very tender and juicy if cooked properly.  A full bodied wine would be too much for this meat.  This would also go well with pork, veal or chicken.  Even if you are not a Chianti drinker, give this blend a try.  You could hold onto this a little longer, but it is certainly ready to be enjoyed now.  The 2006 Ruffino Il Ducale retails for about $14.

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